Yesterday I quit my job at Google.

Which means that I’m going to be a full time Indie developer starting next February.

Making the decision to quit a great, safe job with a terrific employer (and carrying that decision out) was not easy (scary, even), but in the end the need to “do my own thing again” was stronger. I’m uncomfortably excited for what’s coming next!

So what is coming next?

First, I’m going to prepare updates for my apps Timing and PocketCAS — they have been neglected a bit for the past two years.

In addition, I’m preparing a newsletter for Indie developers [UPDATE 16/09/04: defunct by now, and replaced by this blog instead]. If you’re interested in life as an Indie developer, marketing, and development, please subscribe.

But to be honest, I don’t think that my two apps are going to be my main focus for a long time, either. I don’t know yet what will take that place, but hopefully having more spare time than before will let me explore several new areas (Software as a Service and Machine Learning come to mind, although I have no clue yet what I’m going to do in either field) and find my “next big thing”. I’m also going to do more experiments, e.g. by prototyping a few products super-quickly to see whether there is a need for them.

Last but not least, I’m currently reading Start Small, Stay Small, which should help with mastering Indie life in general as well as getting new products off the ground.

P.S.: I was considering to append “Here’s what happened next.” to the headline, but decided to spare you the clickbait 😉

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