🔗 The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At

David Cain:

A tiny article about Stoicism has had a significant influence on my life since I read it. Maybe for the first time in my adult life, I don’t feel like I’m wasting much of my time. I feel unusually prepared to do difficult things.

It was a short personal essay by Elif Batuman, about how reading Epictetus helped her through a strained relationship, political turmoil in her country of residence, and other messy or insoluble worldly concerns.

🔗 Think like a bronze medalist, not silver

Derek Sivers on setting things in perspective:

I’ve met a lot of famous musicians.

The miserable ones were upset they weren’t more famous, bitterly comparing themselves to the superstars.

The happiest ones were thrilled to be able to make a living making music.